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It may be said that it is . Calathea makoyana (Morr.) Nichols. Related Links (opens in a new window). Lighting: Low light – Bright, indirect light Water: Once top two inches has dried out.

About every 5-days.

Humidity: Tolerant of . Avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes. Several varieties of this plant have become. The foliage does look a bit like stained glass from a distance. Peacock Plant is a member of the Marantaceae family of prayer plants.

Although the leaves may seem to rise directly from the root stock, they are normally . The spots run along the striking main vein. It has tall, slender stems that hold up the oval leaves which .

Great for tree and leaf frogs as well as tropical geckos. Make or buy a fertilised mix which consist of coco peat moss or coconut fibre (coir), vermiculite or . Decorative Life: Months to. With its excellent air . They have oval shaped leaves which turn slightly to display. It is named for its striking foliage that purportedly . The underside of the leaf has dark rose variegation, . Care tips: Share this article: Grower(s) of this product: Gebr. The last two are shown in the photo above and the others can be seen in . DESCRIPTION: Tropical foliage plant native to South America with large broad . Produces clusters of small white flowers in Spring and Summer.

Il développe de nombreuses feuilles au très long pétiole raide. Find calathea makoyana stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. TC applie photos are for illustration purposes only.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS. Beautifully marked leaves in various shades of green, cream, white . This is probably due to.

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