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The concentration of soluble solids in plum fruit varied and depended on the cultivar, year, and fungicide treatment. Issued by: FMC Australasia Pty Ltd. See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more. Buy Inputs the easy way with FBN Direct and enjoy transparent pricing and an unbiased . IMPORTANT: READ THE ATTACHED BOOKLET BEFORE USE.

FMC Crop Protection Pty Ltd.

Reduced efficacy of rovral and botran to control Sclerotinia minor in lettuce production in the Salinas Valley may be related to accelerated fungicide degradation . Rovral Aquaflo 5L front. CHERRY – CONTROL OF BROWN ROT. A multifaceted mode of action . Los buenos cultivos comienzan desde la siembra”, por ello FMC ofrece la mejor combinación de terapicos para . Caractéristiques générales. The European Commission recently notified the World Trade Organisation of a reduction in the maximum residue levels for the fungicide . This chemical was developed originally by .

Strains of Alternaria spp. Controla enfermedades, en vides, frutales, cultivos industriales, hortalizas, berries, plantas. DIRECTIONS FOR USE table.

PH Hidantoina (dicarboximida) con actividad fungicida preventiva y curativa por contacto presentada en forma de polvo humectable. For control of certain fungal diseases in various crops and situations. PMRA APPROVED – JD. Précisez vos critères de recherche.

Mot clé : Catégories : Livres (16) . ROVRAL FUNGICIDE WETTABLE POWDER. As a group fungicide, . Rowe, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Wooster. Zulassungsanfang: 24. Må kun anvendes til bekæmpelse af svampesygdomme i gulerødder, hvidkål, rødkål og kinakål.

Skal opbevares frostfrit. COMPOSICIÓN: IPRODIONA . Addendum to report by Gemma , A. Kontaktinio veikimo karboksamidų grup s fungicidas skirtas s klų beicavimui ir augalų purškimui vegetacijos metu nuo grybinių ligų.