Robinia pseudoacacia umbraculifera

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Robinia pseudoacacia f. A small, dense, globular, slow-growing tree. Its thin, upright, thornless branches produce dark-green, alternate, roundish leaves. It prefers sunny places.

Branches droop and are susceptible to breakage. UMBRACULIFERA BLACK LOCUST .

Wuchs: Laubgehölz: kugelförmig, oft als Kronenveredlung mit Stamm, dichte . Blüte ‎: ‎nichtblühend Standort ‎: ‎durchlässiger, lockerer Boden, trocken. It sprouts dense twigs and leaves from the crown of the tree and forms a shrubby, . Skip to main content. H 5-m, depands as . Pronunciation: ro-BIN-e-a soo-do-a-KA-se-a.

Common name: Mushroom Locust. RHS Plants for Pollinators plants. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other .

A dwarf bush grafted on a standard to give height. Forms a rounded mound of small twiggy stems which are covered with soft green lacy pinnate leaves. Gallery Pro plugin tags exists and contains valid image files. Very useful tree for poor, dry soil.

Needs a sunny position. Albero molto decorativo per grandi giardini. This Fabaceae has got a maximum height of approximatly 5centimetres.

EHLERS), fails on heavy, impermeable, wet soils with low oxygen levels. Sobre las ramas finas y erguidas sin espinas se . Grows in any soil except very waterlogged conditions. The branches do not . This is Fascinating Evergreen Pleached Trees for Outdoor Landscaping image, you can read and see another amazing image ideas on Fascinating . A very tough tree that can be clipped to shape.

Can be planted alone or in groups in difficult areas . Umbrella False Acacia, Top worked False Acacia, Mop headed False Acacia, Mop headed Black Locust. As the name suggests this form is unique with its leaves reduced to a single large leaflet A most interesting and uncommon. Naturally a multi- stemmed . Once used for clipped specimens in 19th century villa gardens this thornless locust forms a sm.