Řimbaba obecná semena

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Often used in bonsai culture because it holds the white-etched foliage well. Description: One species is native to Asia. It is a small shrub to about two to three feet tall with tiny dark green leaves, sometimes variegated. Serissa japonica , Cotoneaster, Snowrose, Serissa Foetida quantity.

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Visit our official Channel! This is an excellent evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub that is sometimes used as a substitute for boxwood. It produces petite leaves with cream-colored . Pink mountain Sarissa is a small flowering shrub.

Highly popular for its short stature and beautiful small flowers. Tips on pruning and taking care of your Serissa bonsai. This tree is styled to resemble an African Acacia tree. Bruised leaves have an unpleasant rotting smell, which gives it the species name foetida.

Snow Rose bears its pretty flowers from early spring until late autumn.

Small white flowers most of year. Hardy border or rockery specimen with small . Serissa foetida Snow Leaves Snow Rose or Tree of a Thousand Stars Evergreen. Serissa Foetida are delicate bonsai that will drop their leaves if there is a drastic change in light, water, or temperature. A humidity tray is suggested but do not . It is native to open sub-tropical woodlands and wet . Its flowers are star-shaped and in its flowering period May to July it is full with them. This variety is distinguished by its two-colored leaves.

Lovingly, this Serissa. Blooms profusely with single or double white flowers. Not to be confused with Serissa Japonica blooms.

Serissa is a diminutive evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub with tiny deep green leaves, pink flower buds and a profusion of little white funnel . SERISSA FOETIDA ‚MT FUJI‘ Variegated Snow Rose This is just an information page. We are no longer growing this plant. Please click here to check out our . The stems are densely .