Parrotia persica

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Bark ‎: ‎Fine plates flake in cream, grey and oran. Flower ‎: ‎Insignificant Zone ‎: ‎to Height ‎: ‎20. Leaves turn yellow, red and purple. Native to Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. Tree Characteristics.

Its rounded canopy lends itself to being a wonderful specimen tree.

Pronunciation: par-RO-ti-a PER-si-ka. Find parrotia persica stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Estimated fully grown height 3-7m.

Read more about this product. Parrotia persica Vanessa. Buy the tree you see. LEAVES, deciduous broadleaf. PARROTIA persica (D. C.) C.

Preferred Common Name. This to 40-foot- . International Common Names. Our inventory varies by location. To ensure an accurate shopping experience, select the branch nearest you.

If you have a question, please call customer service . ROE-tee-ah PER-sih-kah. FOLIAGE: Deep green glossy leaves with . My group of four trees has been in . The bark can also come . Common names: Persian ironwoo iron tree, Persian parrotia, parrotia de . H 1-m, depands on grafting height in . Hamamelis persica DC. Back to search.

Additional Attributes. Every garden has a niche for Persian ironwood. Outstanding Qualities.

Purple new shoots in spring. In summer dark green with purple border. Description: Persian ironwood is an uncommon, typically multi-stemmed small tree .