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Narcissus papyraceus one of a few species known as paperwhite , is a perennial bulbous plant native to the Mediterranean region, from Greece to Portugal plus . Paperwhite Bulb Planting Guide. Fill the pot with small, loose stones. Gently place upright . In frost-free climates ( zones 8-11) the bulbs may be planted outdoors in fall for late winter blooms. Nestle a few in bowls filled with pebbles on .

Looking for something easy to grow indoors this fall? Allen Smith shows us a fast growing plant that blooms and. They grow quickly in either soil . To grow paperwhites outdoors, plant them any time from fall through spring. Look for healthy bulbs at nursery and garden centers. Bulbs should be firm and heavy.

Position the paperwhite bulb with its pointed end up on top of the stone layer. Add another layer of stones to fill in any gaps and nearly cover the bulb. It blooms in only two or three weeks from planting, bearing pure-white, musk-scented flowers Full Sun 16-.

A more shallow container . For support, loosely tie the paperwhite stems together . Coaxing paperwhite narcissus to bloom indoors (a process called “forcing”) is a winter tradition. The paperwhite narcissus is a popular bulb for indoor forcing in the winter months. Unlike most other daffodils, paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta) do . Nir is one of the newer varieties of paperwhites , with flowers that mirror traditional blooms and a scent . Growing Zones ‎: ‎Anywhere indoors, zones 9-10. They are named after the Narcissus, who stared at . Their bright white flowers are quiet . This paperwhite variety is Narcissus Nir.

Its stems are shorter and its flowers are larger and showier than other paperwhites. It also has a sweet . You never have to place your paperwhite bulbs in the . One of the simplest and most rewarding winter gardening projects to take on is forcing paperwhite narcissus to bloom indoors. They start growing as soon as they are planted and produce flowers after only about weeks. But forcing paperwhite narcissus bulbs to bloom can be almost as easy as just add water.

You can plant paperwhites in potting soil, . Secure availability and wholesale pricing!