Origanum vulgare

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Mentha formosana (C. Marquand) S. Origanum vulgare dushica-obyknovennaya. Micromeria formosana C. Thymus vulgaris (thyme) are popular culinary herbal crops, and a variety of leaf products are produced from . Link) Ietswaart, subsp.

ORIGANUM VULGARE (OREGANO ). Lamiaceae, has been known as plant specie with prominent biological properties for a long time. This study aimed to evaluate. Taxonavigation: Lamiales. Classification SysteAPG IV.

SuperregnuEukaryota RegnuPlantae Cladus: . Sensory additives, flavourings . Show All Show Tabs oregano.

Find origanum vulgare stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Its essential oil component, oil of oregano, is sold as an immune booster. Small leaved plant with bushy habit. Spicy flavour, somewhere between annual marjoram and thyme. The oil has various . Essential ingredient in pizzas and pastas.

Wild Marjoram, is an extremely invasive plant with a pink flower. Saudi Arabia and Jordan were analyzed by gas . Wild marjoram is a British native perennial growing to about 60cm. Mind Sexual desire increased . Labiatae, is grown for its aromatic and medicinal properties and as ornamental. Investigation of the composition and stability of the essential oils of origanum vulgare ssp. It has declined slightly except in the main areas of chalk and limestone soils.

Anatomical analysis across phenological stages in response to different photoperiodic regimes. Not only does the mild aroma make origanum interesting, but also the attractive summer flowering contributes to the herb beddings. A lovely little herb which is great for herb planters and containers, as a ground cover or on rockeries. It can edge borders and provide interest to mixed .

Oregano, native to the Mediterranean region is a spreading perennial ground cover with oval dark green leaves, when it . Mashhad and Yaz Iran.