Cornus kousa

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Common Name ‎: ‎kousa dogwood Spread ‎: ‎15. Other common names kousa. Genus Cornus can be deciduous shrubs or trees, or creeping, woody-based perennials,. Dogwood trees are widely known for their delicate beauty, and the kousa variety adds a toughness that makes this species an excellent choice for home . It is hardy to zone (UK) 5.

Cornus kousa chinensis is a popular white flowering Dogwood. Kousa Dogwood – Cornus Kousa – Korean Dogwood. It has a slow to medium growth rate and an upright habit, . Shape ‎: ‎upright when young but broadens with age Family ‎: ‎Cornaceae Height ‎: ‎up to 6m Cornus Kousa from Burncoose Nurseries FLOWERING. When looking for an attractive specimen tree for their landscaping design, many homeowners go no further when they come upon the Kousa.

Two outstanding characteristics are the four-petale white flowers that appear above the foliage in June . Kousa dogwood is an excellent small specimen tree.

It blooms later than Cornus florida, after the . In early summer it bears white bracts with tiny flowers in the . My wife and I love it. Recently we noticed what we assumed are seeds . Plant description: The genus Cornus (in the wide sense) comprises about species. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Back to search. Additional Attributes.

Find cornus kousa stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Chinese Dogwood features showy clusters of white flowers with white bracts held atop the branches in late spring. It features an abundance of magnificent pink . Hardiness Zone ‎: ‎5a. Cornus , dogwood , also called red or flowering dogwood. In many gardens it exists.

Our guide shows further informations about care, species and diseases.

Plant height ‎: ‎Only after many years they reach. Excellent tree for a smaller . A stunning specimen tree or large shrub: litre pot: £29. Growth is best on moist, loamy, well-drained soil with mulch or leaf litter accumulated over the roots. Previous or Next Tree Page Alphabetically.

Virginia Tech Dendrology. Flowering Dogwood trees – Cornus .