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A residual herbicide for use around roses, ornamental trees and shrubs, for total control and aquatic areas. Expanding the window of weed control. Growers faced with yet another loss to their herbicide armoury are being advised of their options in the run-up to the withdrawal of . Fruit trees, Nurseries, Shelterbelts, . See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more.

Casoron G Registration expired. This granular herbicide works by . DICHLDBENIL W~~D AND GRASS KILLER. CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF THE REACH . LB WATER G DORMANT 69. Your sul)~issio~ datrid Sept.

Lantbrukshoegskolan, Alnarp (Sweden)) . No risk management necessary to protect wild mammals and birds.

Many pesticides are available in dust form, e. Anvendelse: Udstrøes ved lav temperatur på fugtig jord før regn. Enjoy the Lilly Miller lb. Type de produit : PPP. Common name of active ingredient. CASORON G CROMPTON UNIROYAL CHEMICAL REGISTRATIONS LTD UK.

For use only as a Horticultural and Aquatic Herbicide. Company Identification. Pris (senest opdateret) Ingen oplysninger. Više nije na popisu dozvoljenih sredstava za . This pesticide is used as a: HERBICIDE TERRESTRIAL. G in young sweet cherry plantations.

A field experiment was conducted in a . Herbicida sistémico y residual para el control de malezas gramíneas y de hoja ancha en los cultivos indicados en el cuadro de . We have a large yard. Is there a weed control product (Caseron) that lasts a year ?

If so, which month is best to apply? The Caseron does not last an entire year. Umhverfisstofnun mælir .