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Bamboo evergreen, fargesia murielae jumbo in grass bed. VAT Versandkostenfrei nach DE und AT, weitere EU-Länder zzgl 190€. The culms are slow to sprea . Erfahren Sie alles über die Pflege des Gartenbambus. Hier Pflanz- und .

Bamboos never look their best in winter because the col drying winds will often scorch their leaves. In late spring however, new canes will appear bearing a . Probably the most well behaved of all bamboos. Bamboos – quite rightly – have a bit of a reputation for spreading.

This one forms a tight . The best quality Umbrella Bamboo hedge plants, online today! Simba, Sinarundinaria murieliae Simba, Arundinaria murielae . Jumbo, Sinarundinaria murieliae Jumbo, Arundinaria murielae .

Outstanding Qualities. The original description page was here. All following user names refer to da. Although this provides its exceptional cold hardiness, it is adapted to the . Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Fast growing with elegant weeping branches of green foliage over yellowing canes.

Fargesia murielae “Umbrella Bamboo” – FAM. Mountain Shennongjia in . A selection from murielae but more compact. Elegant arching clumps. Canes bright green maturing yellow green long narrow leaves. Yi is an accepted name.

These plants are approximately . Graceful, slightly arching foliage. Click here to find out more. Country of Origin: China (Sichuan, W. Hubei). Baumschule Eberts, Baden-Baden (Germany).

Bambus-Centrum Deutschland) .