Phlox paniculata blue paradise

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Family Polemoniaceae. It has escaped gardens and . This selection produces large, fragrant flower clusters that open pale blue and . From renowned Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf comes this intriguing form of our elegant native. The flowers open a deep blue with white eyes and take .

Shear off the spent flower stems to prevent . They appear from July to August on tall stems with narrow, toothe mid-green leaves. This pretty perennial will tolerate full sun or partial shade, but like all phlox , . Flowers open pale blue, darken to a deep violet blue, then develop red-violet edges as they . A very tall and impressive violet- blue variety bred by Piet Oudolf which ,in the early evening, can look quite thunderous. Attracts butterflies and is easy to grow. LEARN HOW TO GROW with our easy instructions and videos.

Talk about a changeling!

The true blue blooms will deepen to violet under the heat of . This reliable hard working beauty parades massive sweetly scented trusses hoisted by a compact bushy pedestal . Click here to find out . Dark green foliage sets of the fragrant violet-blue flowers, each with a darker eye. Best in perennial border or cottage garden . If you are looking for a reliable garden flower that is a mass of colour, fragrance and great to use as. Dit geeft een prachtig contrast met de lichte bloemen. However, it suffered from drought stress and spider mites during. Location in Lurie Garden ‎: ‎North Dark Plate, So.

Widely grouped as summer phlox , garden phlox and fragrant phlox , the long blooming paniculata phlox clan . Check for Availability. Förpackningen innehåller st. Storlek I Höjd cm. Blommar juli- september.

Rabatt förpackningar förpackningar förpackningar eller fler . Scented violet flowers with broad petals and magenta eye on deep red stems.

Narrow, toothe mid-green leaves. Full sun or partial shade in . Large, deliciously-scented panicles. None are true blue – all are pinkish blue or mauve and like all phlox their colour changes with the . So findet sie häufig einen.

Every few years lift . Shrubby clumps of green foliage support large showy flower heads with a long flowering period. Blue phlox are so desirable!