Kanadská borovice

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Kanadská borovice

About this cultivar: Magnolia stellata is native to Japan where it grows naturally by streamsides and in moist, boggy areas. First introduced to the United Kingdom. A lovely plant with pure white, large, star-shaped scented flowers in March and April. A native of Japan where it is found in mountain woodlan it is a s. Common Name: Star magnolia.

Genus: Magnolia Species: stellata. Skill Level: Experienced Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade. Hardiness: Hardy Soil type: . VcaUb{margin:0;clear:both}#brs a{padding:3px 32px 3px 0;display:inline-block;float:left}#brs a{text-decoration:none}g-section-with-header{display:block;margin:40px 0}. BEnf{font-size:20px;line-height:1.

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NVbCr{cursor:pointer}#foot{visibility:inherit} Magnolia stellata – Fine Gardening Magazine www. NO-lee-ah stel-LAY-tah Audio. This species is a small, spreading tree with lovely, upward-facing, star-shaped blossoms.

Plant Type ‎: ‎Trees Growth Rate ‎: ‎Moderate Maintenance ‎: ‎Low Flower Color ‎: ‎White Magnolia stellata Maxim.