Helianthemum_oelandicum ru. Plantariuopen on-line atlas and key to plants and lichens of Russia and neighbouring countries. Taxonavigation: Malvales. Classification SysteAPG IV. It typically grows 8-12” tall .

Common Name ‎: ‎rock rose Zone ‎: ‎to Spread ‎: ‎2. RESEARCH ON LIFE CYCLES AND AGE STRUCTURES OF HELIANTHEMUM NUMMULARIUM (L.) MILL. BASCHKIRORUM (JUZ. EX KUPATADZE) . Shrubs or subshrubs, rarely perennial or annual herbs.

Leaves opposite or upper. Unsubscribe from ACROBAT? Crocanthemum greenei). Island rush rose, Island rushrose.

Licensed under CC-BY 4. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5. There are so many merits to Sunroses- where to start . Meaning, pronunciation, translations . Hardy perennials sometimes called Sun Rose or Rock Rose. Top quality plants supplied. Buy online in the UK. Hélianthème, helianthemum , sous-abrisseau du jardin.

Zones ‎: ‎- Size ‎: ‎Plant – 2. NOTIFY ME WHEN BACK. They grow as low, spreading . The effects of pretreatments on germination. Noun (plural helianthemums) 1. Origin From the genus name.

These include Common Rock-rose (H. nummularium) and White . Evergreen in most areas. Drought tolerant, once establishe these will also put up with poor, sandy soils.

This species is accepte and its native range is Europe to Iran.