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Informative article about the spice Kaffir Lime , its botany, chemistry, history and cross-cultural culinary usage. The kaffir lime belongs to the citrus family. It resembles a lime with bumpy skin. Native to Indonesia, it is commonly used in Thai cuisine and that of other . Very popular in thai and indonesian plates for its lemon taste. Find high-quality Kaffir Lime stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images.

The Kaffir lime tree is commonly grown for use in Asian cuisine. While this dwarf citrus tree can be grown outdoors, it is best suited for indoor . Kaffir lime definition, an Asian citrus tree, Citrus hystrix, having green fruit with wrinkly skin and aromatic leaves that are used in Thai and Indonesian cookery. Cambodians consume kaffir limes candied. Tip for cooking: Adding 1-leaves to Thai curries when the meat or tofu is added for extra flavor and aroma.

Before you head outside to pluck the leaves of your regular old lime tree, we need to add that Kaffir limes are completely different from the limes us kiwis are . Grow the fragrant lemon-scented leaves of Kaffir Lime , which are used in culinary cuisine throughout. Kaffir lime or Citrus hystrix, a tropical fruit that is native to various parts of Asia including Thailand. Aside from its culinary uses, due to its . Season of ripeness at Riverside: Citrus hystrix is used primarily for its leaves and so it . Find kaffir lime leaves stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Kaffir limes are bulgy, mottle and supposedly not as pretty as the smooth and glossy skins of other varieties of lime such as the silver or Persian . Kaffir lime trees (Citrus hystrix) are much loved for their aromatic leaves, which are fantastic for imparting that authentic Asian flavour to curries, soups and stir . Most consumers and chefs, for that matter, are not aware of the racist slur behind the kaffir lime. The bouquet of kaffir lime leaves is one of a kin with an aroma and flavour unlike any other leaf.

With its distinct hints of lemon, lime and floral . Kaffir lime leaves are used readily in Southeast Asian cuisine, bringing with them a strong (and somewhat unsurprising) lime flavour. Kaffir lime leaves grow in pairs and grow in a double leaf formation, which means two leaves grow on either side of the stem and appear to mirror each other. They have a spiced-citrus flavour which is a lot lighter . Kaffir lime (or Combawa, term generally more used to identify the fruit) is a small citrus very similar to lime, with the juice so acidic that it cannot . Typically used in soups and curries, the . For many years this tree has been called a kaffir lime tree, as the fruits are rough and seen as inferior. The fruits, leaves, juice and zest are often used in fried fish cakes, curries, spicy stews and other Thai dishes. Aromatic kaffir limes (Citrus hystrix), with their glossy . Check out kaffir lime leaf fresh herb punnet 10g at woolworths.

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